A glaring irony stands out in the face of the Indian administration as it grapples with one of the biggest administrative failures, in the form of the unbridled prenatal sex determination and consequent selective abortions. The malice towards the unborn fetus and newly born female child continues even as statistics throw up some of the most startling facts. Here, at the Save Girl Child mission, we throw up some of the most soul-stirring nuggets of  information on this.
 Widespread sex testing leads to a female fetus’s abortion every 12 seconds in India.
 The 2011 census puts the sex ratio to an all time low at 919 girls to 1000 boys.
 The most affluent states include Punjab, Haryana and Maharashtra are the worst
 The National Crimes Records Bureau, India’s very own watchdog, the number of minor
girls being raped in India increased by 82% in 2016.
 In a shocking 95% of cases, the rapists were not strangers, but were amongst family
members, friends or friendly neighbors.
The fact that the collective cluster of Indian legal system and terribly patriarchal society prefer to stay in a total denial about the gross abuse of the Indian girl child has aggravated the problem to no end. Read more about the regressive patriarchal mindset, the key perpetrator in the array of these heinous crimes here.


“That a girl is seen as a burden to the family, with loads of pending expenditure on her wedding; that she is seen as someone else’s possession, just to be reared; that remains as the biggest and most spiteful element that ails the Indian mindset!”

The Indian obsession with the male being the only rightful heir; the one to give them salvation by lighting their pyre; this regressive ideology has single-handedly led the country to the throes of social destruction. Such has been the onslaught that women have themselves, unknowingly resigned to be the subordinated one. The fact that women have to prove themselves to be equal to men, in a male- dominated society eventually leads to the former’s abuse and rampant discrimination. At the Save Girl Child Mission, we analyze how this deep-rooted patriarchic mindset affects the
girl child, right form her birth, staying with her all through her life:

 Selective conception and consequent abortion to avoid the birth of a girl child
 Discrimination, while providing education, especially in the lower middle class, in a clear

violation of the Right to Education

 Constant fear of male domination and sexual abuse influences the higher educational,

professional and career choices

 Unabashed discrimination is done on the basis of looks, complexion and other physical


 Males essentially remain the key decision makers, which often goes against the

women’s interests