The Indian Girl Child is a precious human being,  with enormous potential, but across the country, she is generally the last to have her basic needs met and first to have her basic rights denied.

The last few decades have seen major uprisings towards the cause of the girl child in India. Stringent laws against the sex determination and selective abortions have indeed tightened the noose around the offenders.

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Though the law machinery has been majorly geared up to protect the interests of this section, yet the Indian legal scenario continues to be severely lop-sided. It is ironical how the social doyens talk of sons and daughters being equal, but the acts like the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 still carry discriminatory clauses against the Indian women. Similarly, the laws that are supposed to convict the offenders of female infanticide/feticide are long-wound and difficult to comprehend for the common person. You can read more about the specific acts, laws and regulations that have been formulated to protect the rights of the girl child and women in India here.