Home to a third of the world’s child brides, India is set to change the law that is seen to legitimize child marriage and treat every marriage in the future involving minors to be invalid.

The Indian girl child has had more than her share of tormenting experiences, both before as well as after birth, going right up to adulthood and much beyond. The huge media uproar from time to time, coupled with legal provisions to protect them, has given the Indian women the courage to speak up and fight against the rampant and unabashed evils carried out against them.

Here is what the future might behold for the Indian unborn, young and elderly girls:

  • An increased number of legal complaints, spurred on by the encouraging administrative action
  • A drastic decrease in the fetal sexing, with the potential to reduce the increasing number of female infanticide cases, offering the scope of correction of the skewed CSR ratio
  • An increased awareness and fear of law, which is likely to act as a deterrent to the heinous practice of female feticide
  • A metamorphosis in social mindset, where girls are less likely to be seen as an economic and social liability
  • A increase in the number of girls pursuing higher education, especially from the socially and economically under-privileged sections

The Indian woman has always been an epitome of strength. No to be cowed down, she eventually emerges to be a warrior and winner in adverse situations. However, the stereotypical Indian, patriarchic mindset needs to be change for evils like female infanticide and feticide to be uprooted altogether.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”60px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]