“In a gruesome, cold-blooded murder, Pravartika Gupta, was burnt alive as she slept peacefully with her one-year old daughter, all as a penance for giving birth to a girl child…”

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“Grave violence is being committed against young women in their matrimonial homes and the low conviction rate shows the legal system is not geared up to investigate and prosecute these cases.” Vrinda Grover, leading lawyer and women’s rights campaigner In its Annual Report of the year 2006, the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare lamented how the social, cultural and religious fiber of Indian is predominantly patriarchal, which is the key reason of the secondary status of women in India. Here is what happens to an average victim under the present circumstances in India:

The VICIOUS circle

Extremely low number of women report of cases of female infanticide/feticide or even sexual abuse
Slow administrative action
Delayed judicial action accompanies by social hostility towards the victim and witnesses
Ongoing isolation and marginalization of the victim