India is tragically marred by a gender bias, which finds its way into all possible realms of society. Starting right from the womb to the later years of life, she continues to suffer neglect, discrimination and abuse at almost every step of her life.

No crime against a little girl in the family can be ever be committed without another conniving woman.

Female Infanticide

The dictates of law define female infanticide as the murder of a newborn immediately after her birth, most often by a close family member for the sheer want of a male child. Female babies, usually a few hours old are found in extremely suspicious and unnatural conditions. The biggest irony that emerges is that this trend is prevalent right across all strata of the society, regardless of the academic, social, or financial status of the parents. The cluster of anthropologists and sociologists consider female infanticide as a bigger evil than female feticide, since it is actually a cold-blooded killing of an infant. This is also the key reason for the lop-sided and alarmingly skewed sex ratio in the country.

Female Feticide

Eligible Jat boys from Haryana now often have to travel as far as 3000 km to look for a bride for themselves..

Such is the state of the gender ratio in the state that has ironically churned some of the best women wrestlers and scientists. Rampant prenatal sex determinations along with selective procedures for conception have played havoc with the unborn girl child in India. The early gender detection, facilitated by the illegal medical practices has boosted this phenomenon to an unimaginable extent.

The Indian fetal sex determination and sex selective abortion industry stands at a whopping $244 million.

The trend is further spurred on by the technological developments, which even enable mobile sex selection clinics that can reach almost every nook of the rural countryside, unabashedly and unchecked. Research also shockingly reveals that in a majority of cases, the key perpetrator in female feticide is none but an elderly female of the family herself!

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)

A many as 65% of adults in India report CSA in their childhood. 45% amongst them are girls. In 80% cases, the family members knew about the abuse, as and when it was happening! The Indian society continues to be conveniently oblivious to the rampant female child sexual abuse. Little girls in the best of homes continue to be subjected to sordid tales of lust at the hands of the adults around them, even including their caretakers.

The myriad forms of abuse borne by the ill-fated Indian girl child might have changed, but the horrific pain continues….