India, as a country, needs a heroic administrative impetus to break the shackles and come out of the morbid shadows of such practices. No amount of individual efforts or non-governmental movements can have an impact unless the administration takes up the cudgels

Political will

Through active generation of political will and result-oriented action plans, the government can effectively Help & Support the situation.
Here we list some of the main solutions possible:

    • Provision of free and compulsory education in practice, not only in theory
    • Effective implementation of the Dowry Prohibition Act and other relevant laws
    • Grant of equal property rights to girls
    • A department for women and a commission for women must be established at central and state levels
    • Women’s organizations, media houses and magazines should offer forums for networking
    • Extensive support should be available to NGOs and such organizations

In fact, the government of India needs to follow in the footsteps of places like Nigeria. Through legislation, Nigeria prohibits the withdrawal of girls from school in order to ensure that they can continue and complete their education