The macabre scenario of discarded female fetuses in India is the handiwork of the brain of a human being. It is little surprising then, unless the citizens of India themselves wake up to the need, the evil of female foeticide and other such malpractices targeting the Indian girl child shall not be done away with.

The common man on the road, the head of the family in a middle or an upper-middle class family, the intellectual human rights activist; conscientious citizens from all walks of life need to contribute to curb the menace. Such a mindset revolution needs mobilization of action right from personal to governmental levels.

As an individual, the most important and effective thing you can do is to influence the attitudes of those around you. Make your friends, relatives and immediate family aware of the girls’ capabilities. Try to make the young girls around you aware of their self-worth, especially the under-privileged ones.

Women need to make an effort to reach out to each other through groups, share experiences and give support. Parents should also have an open mindset towards enrolling their children in co-education schools to ensure healthy exposure. Sex education should be imparted at an appropriate age by the parents or guardians themselves. One of the earliest forms of support in the educated circles of our society, .i.e. sponsoring the education of a girl child, is still one of the most effective forms of contribution.